Books about Nithard:

booksCarolingian Chronicles: Royal Frankish Annals and Nithard's Histories (Ann Arbor Paperbacks) by Bernhard Walter Scholz and Barbara Rogers-Gardner (Mar 15, 1970)

booksCarolingian chronicles: Royal Frankish annals and Nithard's Histories by Bernhard Walter Scholz (1970)

booksNithard. Histoire des fils de Louis le Pieux (Classiques De L'histoire Au Moyen Age) (French Edition) by Sophie Glansdorff (Feb 28, 2012)

booksNithard histoire des fils de louis le pieux

booksNithard Und Sein Geschichtswerk .. (German Edition) by Kuntzem├╝ller Otto (Sep 28, 2011)

booksNithards Vier B├╝cher Geschichten... (German Edition) by Nithardus (Sancti Richardi) and Julius von Jasmund (Mar 6, 2012)

booksNithards Vier Bucher Geschichten (1889) (German Edition) by Julius V. Jasmund and W. Wattenbach (Sep 10, 2010)


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Nithard, a Frankish historian, was the grandson of Charlemagne, by Bertha, a daughter of the emperor. His father was Angilbert.

Juan Everardo Nithard
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Juan Everardo Nithard was an Austrian priest of the Society of Jesus, confessor of Mariana of Austria and valido of Spain. Born in a Catholic family in Tirol, he entered at the age of 21 the Society of Jesus and studied at the University of Graz....