Definition funny of Kaiba:

urbanDefinition 1- A sexy, tall 16/17 year old who's the CEO of Kaiba Corporation and has a condescending personality. He has a younger brother named Mokuba who's 11. Kaiba's first name is Seto, and his full name (Kaiba Seto) means "Sea-Horse-Shallows-Person". Kaiba enjoys duel monsters and is one of the best players in the world. He is Yuugi's greatest rival. Definition 2- A certain someone's bishie (*coughcough*) (see definition 1).

urbanD1- Kaiba is obsessed with defeating Yuugi in a duel fair and square. D2- Better not kill Kaiba or a certain somebody will chase you forever until she catches you and murders you for destroying her bishie!

urbanone of the main antagontists of yugioh and yugi's biggst rival. he is obsessed with beating yugi and becoming the best after his defeat and loss of world champion to yugi

urbanKaiba's signature monster is his famous Blue-eyes White Dragon

urbanA character on Yu-Gi-Oh with a rather gay sounding voice.

urbanPound me harder, Yugi-boy


Songs about Kaiba:

songsKaiba by Maika Munan from the Album Best of Maika Munan

songsKaiba by Yotogi from the Album 002

songsKaiba cingali by Umberto Papadia from the Album La peronospera


Books about Kaiba:

booksYu-Gi-Oh!, Vol. 4: Kaiba's Revenge by Kazuki Takahashi (Nov 5, 2013)

booksYu-gi-oh Seto Kaiba by Kazuki Takahashi (2006)

booksKaiba: Nō Wa Tsukarenai by Ikeya Yuji (0010)

booksKaiba: nō wa tsukarenai

booksYu-Gi-Oh! TCG: Evolution Yugi & Kaiba Starter Deck Box by Upper Deck (Mar 16, 2004)

booksKaiba's Monster Challenges Activity Book (Yu-Gi-Oh!) by Jeff O'Hare (1996)

booksBlume's Atlas of Pediatric and Adult Electroencephalography by Blume MD CM FRCPC, Warren T., Holloway, Giannina... (Oct 10, 0010)


Movies about Kaiba:

moviesFace Off: Yugi Vs Kaiba 2003 NR - Runtime: 30 mins Starring: Dan Green, Eric Stuart, Amy Birnbaum, et al.

moviesVol. 1-Kaiba 2008 -

moviesVol. 2-Kaiba 2008 -

moviesKaiba - Complete Series - 2-DVD Set Unrated - Runtime: 4 hrs 50 mins Starring: Houko Kuwashima, Mamiko Noto and Romi Pak Directed by: Masaaki Yuasa


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TV Anime Program, TV Program

Kaiba is an anime series directed by Masaaki Yuasa that debuted on the WOWOW satellite network in Spring 2008. Animation is by Madhouse and it is described as a sci-fi love story. The series received an Excellence Prize for animation at the 2008...

Seto Kaiba
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