Meaning : Eternal, An Old Greek name meaning 'unfading flower' it is said to have developed as a pet form of Amarantha., Gods Grace,

Origin : Indian (Sanskrit), African, Greek,

Pronunciation : ah MAR ah, (AM-ar-A),

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Amarah Expression, Amarah Soul Urge, Amarah Inner Dream


Additional information Amarah:

additionalAmarah is a name that can come from two separate origins. it could be the pet form of Amarachi, an African name that can be used for both boy and girls it comes from the language of the Igbo people who take it to mean ‘Gods Grace’. The name is not very common outside of Africa however its use has spread to other countries with migrating families. Alternatively it could be of Arabic origin were it is a feminine name derived from an Arabic word which is said to mean ‘Eternal’. This name is most commonly found used by Muslim parents.


Definition funny of Amarah:

urbanAmarah (AH MA RAH) noun 1. Can be defined as a beautiful, exotic girl with dope taste in music, a love of Asian boys, Louis Vuitton, Red Bull and pancakes. 2. Her love of The Weekend is unparalleled, and any guy who can sing in a falsetto totally steals her heart. 3. Amarah is a name associated with Pakistan, so it's likely Amarah is probably Pakistani. 4. She's gangster, but in a non-destructive way. 5. Amarah is probably internet famous and does freelance website designing in her free time. 6. Amarahs are usually your go-to girl who loves to give and receive the best advice. She tells you like it is, but is such a sweet heart. 7. Amarah might call you profanities, but the more she refers to you as a big basket of limp dicks, the more she probably really really likes you and values you as a person. (Or you really are a basket of limp dicks.)

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urbaneveryone: who dat bitch me: dat bitch amarah


Songs about Amarah:

songsRadeh Al Amarah (feat. ???? ???, ???? ??????, ?????, ????? ????, Melhem Zein, Dj Raja Mana, Hussam Alrassam, Rabih... by Waleed Al Shami from the Album Best Arabic Songs Remixes [Explicit]

songsAmarah by Suaka from the Album Unify


Books about Amarah:

booksAmarah (Indonesian Edition) by Lembaga Bhinneka (Jan 28, 2013)

booksNathariyyat al Mu'amarah wal Aalam al Arabi (Arabic Edition) by Hasan Yahya (Jul 29, 2012)

booksUbah Amarah Jadi Tawa (Indonesian Edition) by Andrias Harefa (Dec 31, 2013)

booksAmarah Tasikmalaya: Konflik di basis Islam (1998)

booksThe 2006 Economic and Product Market Databook for Al-Amarah, Iraq by Philip M. Parker (Dec 11, 2006)

booksThe 2009 Economic and Product Market Databook for Al-Amarah, Iraq by Icon Group International (May 6, 2009)

booksThe 2011 Economic and Product Market Databook for Al-Amarah, Iraq by Icon Group International (Jan 18, 2011)


Wiki information Amarah:

City/Town/Village, Statistical region, Dated location, Location

Amarah, is a city in southeastern Iraq, located on a low ridge next to the Tigris River waterway south of Baghdad about 50 km from the border with Iran. It lies at the northern tip of the marshlands between the Tigris and Euphrates. Predominantly...

Maysan Governorate
Administrative Division, Location, Statistical region, City/Town/Village, Dated location

Maysan Governorate is a province in southeastern Iraq, bordering Iran. The provincial capital, located beside the Tigris, is Amarah. The second settlement is Majar Al-Kabir. Prior to 1976 the province was known as Amara Province. Maysan is a majority...