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booksZachary Quinto,Victor Quinaz,Brent Schoonover'sMr. Murder Is Dead [Hardcover]2011 by Victor Quinaz (Author), Brent Schoonover (Illustrator) Zachary Quinto (Adapter) (2011)

booksMr. Murder Is Dead[ MR. MURDER IS DEAD ] by Quinaz, Victor (Author) Sep-06-11[ Hardcover ] by Victor Quinaz (Sep 6, 2011)

books[ MR. MURDER IS DEAD HC - GREENLIGHT ] By Quinaz, Victor ( Author) 2011 [ Hardcover ] (Aug 30, 2011)

booksMr. Murder Is Dead HC [Hardcover] [2011] (Author) Victor Quinaz, Stephen Christy, Paul Morrissey, Brent Schoonover... (2011)


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Chemical Compound

Quinazoline is a heterocyclic compound made up of two fused six-membered simple aromatic rings, a benzene ring and a pyrimidine ring. Its chemical formula is C₈H₆N₂. Quinazoline is yellow solid. It is isomeric with other naphthyridines including...

Chemical Compound

Quinazolinone is a heterocyclic chemical compound. There are two structural isomers, 2-quinazolinone and 4-quinazolinone, with the 4-isomer being the more common. 2-Quinazolinone 4-Quinazolinone