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urbana type of prostitute (male or female) that spends many months chatting with you online before ever having sex with you for money in person. They usually use specific key phrases and words to reinforce their relationship with their customers, who also use these same phrases back for identification. They like to hang around unorthodox chat rooms, sometimes MMORPGS or perhaps other non-conventional sites. Some of these phrases include: I <3 you. aww :) u r soo cute!

urban"I spent all night trying to play kdice with that gurgi slutting himself, what has this world come to?"

urbanits a poker hand, when you get 7 and 5 of the same suit, its called a gurgi.

urbanStarting Hand Dealing pocket cards: 7c, 5c<------the gurgi john smith jr folds Guss raises $1,800 PokerFace_2009 folds KB Video raises $3,200 Guss calls Dealing flop: 5d, 5h, 7s<----------gurgi flop KB Video bets $3,000 Guss calls Dealing turn: 9h KB Video checks Guss checks Dealing river: Js KB Video bets $3,000 Guss raises $6,000 KB Video calls Guss shows 7c, 5c for a full house, fives full of sevens KB Video shows Jc, As for two pair, Jacks and fives Guss wins main pot $22,920<-----------gurgi win Guss wins side pot $990 KB Video stands up


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songsDer Gurgi Boarischer by Zirler Musikanten from the Album Fragenstein - Kernig und mit Herz


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booksGurgi the Adventure Dog and the Carnival of Tears by Andrew Smith (Feb 18, 2012)

booksGurgi Zaydan 1861-1914. Ecrivain Reformiste Et Temoin De La Renaissance Arabe. by Anne-Laure. Dupont (2006)

booksGurgi Zaidan, his life and thought (Beiruter Texte und Studien) by Thomas Philipp (1979)


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Gurgis Shlaymun
Politician, Person

Gurgis Shlaymun is the current Deputy Governor of Iraq's Dahuk province in Iraqi Kurdistan. Deputy Governor Shlaymun is a chain pipe smoker. According to a news report in August 2006, Dahuk authorities, to include Deputy Governor Shlaymun’s office,...