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urbanA method of inhaling drugs by holding a flame under a metal spoon filled with cocaine or any crushed pill. One holds a flame under the spoon and collects the fumes from the crushed pills in an empty bottle and the inhales these fumes by taking a hit off the bottle.

urbanSketchy Alex freebases epileptic drugs with my spoon.

urban1) (n) A type of cocaine that you cook up in a frying pan. And by you I really mean your honor roll student, boy scout son. 2) (v) To prepare the above type of cocaine. 3) (v) What a walked batter gets in a baseball game. 4) (n) A chemical that's the opposite of an acid and doesn't cost anything.

urban1) When little Timmy failed his math test, his mom decided to cheer him up by cooking up his favorite dinner: free base cocaine. 2) We don't free base in the Brook, we just smoke flat-out crack rock. 3) With runners on second and third and the World Series on the line I figured it would be a good call to just give Barry Bonds a free base. 4) I hear there's a deal over at Chemicals Mart where if you buy an acid at retail price, you get a free base.

urbanInhaling the fumes from when you light a fire under crushed up pills.

urban"Hey Pac-Man, what's up?" "Me, you bitches! I'm high on crack! Wanna freebase?" "No Pac-Man. Drugs are bad!" "PUSSIES!!!!"

urbanA way of using cocaine 1 add water 2 place on tin foil 3 use a lighter to cook it 4 use a paper towel tube to inhale smoke


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