Definition funny of Duffing:

urbanGiving oral pleasure after the receipt of an unexpected gift.

urbanHillary received a beautiful engagement ring. Right after, she was caught on camera duffing her boyfriend on the barcalounger.

urbanThe act of living with the bare minimum required to maintain the ultimate bachelor lifestyle. Those "duffing it", often live in an environment that only a true single man could tolerate. Normal living spaces may be converted for storage of motorcycles, beds may not have ever worn sheets, dishes may be piled up waiting for execution via the trash can.

urbanOh man Bobby is duffing it, he has a guitar stand where his dining table should go.

urbanFarting slow. When you have to let out a fart so bad but you are afraid it will be loud enough for everyone to hear at the DMV, church, or at your boyfriend's or girlfriend's family dinner. So you duff it..you let it out slowly.

urban"I'm duffing right now and no one even knows!"


Books about Duffing:

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Wiki information Duffing:

Duffing equation

The Duffing equation, named after Georg Duffing, is a non-linear second-order differential equation used to model certain damped and driven oscillators. The equation is given by where the function x=x is the displacement at time t, is the first...

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Cattle raiding is the act of stealing cattle. In Australia, such stealing is often referred to as duffing, and the perpetrator as a duffer. In North America, especially in cowboy culture, cattle theft is dubbed rustling and an individual who engages...