Definition funny of Dinghy:

urban1- A small boat 2- (verb /adj) 'Dinghy' 'Dinghied'. Scottish. The act of being ignored, ignoring or intending to ignore or someone or something.

urban"Sling it a dinghy" ("Just ignore it") "You goin intae work ae morra?" "Nah, fuck that mate; it's getting dinghied!" ("are you going into work tomorrow?" "No I am not") "Here, at bird dinghied you a fuckin cracker!" ("That girl just ignored you, and she made no attempt to conceal it") "Ere's John ower there, stawnin ootside ae cairry-oot shop" "Och, dinghy that cunt: he gets on ma fuckin nerves" ("There's our friend John at the wine merchants" "Just ignore him, he can be quite tiresome")

urban1- A type of small boat 2- a Scottish sland term for a loner. It can also be a verb to describe the action of making someone a loner. Dinghies are viewed as sad people with no friends, who eat their lunch aloe and talk to themselves, which makes for (funny-as) conversations.

urban1- He headed to sea in a dinghy 2- Dave's such a dinghy, having lunch on his own. (verb) All his friends dinghied Dave and left him alone for lunch

urbanAn expression of disbelief, to imply the other person is lying or boasting.

urbanMy family has six Ferraris. Dinghies!

urbanIn reference to the clitoris and hood looking like a little man in a boat. Also see v'jj


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Wiki information Dinghy:

Dinghy sailing

Dinghy sailing is the activity of sailing small boats by using five essential controls: the sails the foils. the trim side to side balance of the dinghy by hiking or movement of the crew, particularly in windy weather. the choice of route. When...

Ship type

A dinghy is a type of small boat, often carried or towed for use as a ship's boat by a larger vessel. It is a loanword from either Bengali or Urdu. Utility dinghies are usually rowboats or have an outboard motor, but some are rigged for sailing.