Meaning : An alternative spelling of the name Zane , derived from the name John and meaning 'God is gracious' and 'God is merciful'., Beautiful,

Origin : Arabic, Hebrew,

Pronunciation : (ZEYN), Zey N,

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Zayn Expression, Zayn Soul Urge, Zayn Inner Dream


Additional information Zayn:

additionalThere are many spelling variations of this male name including Zain and also Zane. Although it has an Arabic origin It can be found in many cultures including Hebrew, Malaysian and also English. There is also a female variant of this name Zayna, however this is less popular than the male form.

additionalMeans "beauty, grace" in Arabic.


Definition funny of Zayn:

urbanZayn (pronounced ZANE) is the seventh letter of many Semitic abjads, including Phoenician, Aramaic, Hebrew Syriac, and Arabic alphabet. The letter is called zayn and is written is several ways depending in its position in the word. Zayn is also a masculine Arabic name which means "Beauty and Grace." Zayn refers to inner beauty not external beauty. It can be the first name for a boy or a surname. It is a very common name among people of Middle Eastern and North African descent.

urbanHajji Zayn al-‘Attar, was a 14th century Persian physician. Ali ibn Husayn the fourth Shi'a Imam (659-713 AD) was nick named "Zayn al-Abidin" (Beauty of the Worshippers).

urbanA teenage boy with dark skin, eyes hair. He walks around looking like a bad-boy. Cigarette in hand, hair messy, tattoos, five o'clock shadow. But, when you get to meet him, he's innocent. He's sexy & shy. You'll never meet a guy like him. He's original. When he talks, you melt. When he sings, you break. When he laughs, you feel warm. He showers you with "I love you's" & "You're beautiful's". Especially to the short, blonde & blue eyed girls. Usually reffering to you as babe. If you meet a Zayn, it's okay to be nervous. They find that attractive. Zayn's love long-distance girlriends. So, when he sees you it's that much more special. Most, Zayn's love to meet their soul-mates at unusal places. Like, concerts. If you're lucky enough to do so, make sure to give him a quick pop on the lips. You won't regret it. A zayn would usually like an out-going girl, but would love to settle down with someone just as shy as him.

urbanYou: *bumps into a Zayn* You: "I'm so sorry." Zayn: "Well, that's quite alright, babe." "I love your eyes by the way."

urbanGender: Masculine Its meaning takes on several forms but most often linked to beauty, grace or some fu*king G who jacks loads of gash because he is superiorly buff and makes all the girls collapse because of his huge trouser snake

urbanWhat a lucky dude, check out all those girls at his feet. He is some regular ZAYN.

urban(adjective) to stink so bad it was thought impossible


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Movies about Zayn:

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Wiki information Zayn:

Ali ibn Husayn Zayn al-Abidin
Religious Leader, Person, Deceased Person

Ali ibn Husayn known by the honorific Zayn al-Abedin, occupies a prominent position in Islam. He is also referred to as Imam al-Sajjad and Sayyid as-Sajjadīn wa Raki‘in. A great-grandson of Muhammad, he embodied the same virtues as his...

Zayn Malik
Celebrity, Musical Artist, Person, Composer, Musician, Person or entity appearing in film

Zayn Malik is a member of the musical group, One Direction.