Books about Tsuzumi:

booksAya-No-Tsuzumi by Matsudaira Masuko Zeami (Jan 1, 1937)

booksSonezaki shinju ; Horikawa nami no tsuzumi (Izumi Shoin eiin sokan) (Japanese Edition) by Monzaemon Chikamatsu

booksKoshoku goninonna, Horikawa nami no tsuzumi (Koten no tabi) (Japanese Edition) by Kunie Iwahashi (1990)

booksRekihaku Foramu Nihon gakki no genryu: Koto, fue, tsuzumi, dotaku (Japanese Edition) (1995)

booksShigon'Bo (A Collection of Songs for Voice and Ko-tsuzumi) by Masayoshi Sugiura (1992)


Wiki information Tsuzumi:

Musical instrument, Musical Performance Role

The tsuzumi is a Japanese drum of Chinese/Indian origin. It consists of a wooden body shaped like an hourglass, and it is taut, with two drum heads with cords that can be squeezed or released to increase or decrease the tension of the heads...

Aya no Tsuzumi
Play, Written Work

Aya no Tsuzumi is a Japanese Noh play by an unknown author which depicts the evil consequences of unrequited desire.