Definition funny of Tapes:

urbanA male's hair line done at the barborshop , used mostly in southern Florida, Broward County.

urban-Go get a tape -man you need a tape -damn they fucked up your tape

urbanAn adhesive band used for affixing one thing to another.

urbanI duct taped his arm back on to his body.

urbancode name for mary jane or hashish. Five years before Al Gore invented teh internets last Thursday, a daft group of young hooligans attending a Department of Defense high school overseas in Heidelberg, Germany (the epicenter and mythical origin of lulz before it became fashionable), overcame the obstacles erected by MPs and the CID to prevent them from attaining temporary enlightenment from the unlikely combination of some matches, a pipe and hash. The oppressed lads, in what is now a classic story of triumph over hardship, devised a new lexicon with which they could communicate freely, but also secretly, about their favorite past time. Their love of music, particularly the time-honored melodies of Eazy-E, influenced their decision to substitute the word for illicit cannabis with tapes. This wise choice enabled the lads to continue their unique brand of hooliganism unhindered, ensuring more lulz would be had for many years to come. And the Iraq.

urbanSlacker 1: Wanna go listen to some tapes? Slacker 2: Word. Shize Ami 1: What were you guys doin? Shize Ami 2: Listening to tapes. Shize Ami 1: Cool, let's go. Shize Ami 2: What?

urbanA code word for when you want to call someone a dick or tell someone in the room that someone else is being a dick but you don’t really want the “dick” to know it’s them. And it’s tape, because you wish you could tape their mouth shut because they are being SUCH A DICK


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