Meaning : Easter,

Origin : French, German, Dutch,

Pronunciation : pas-KAHL (French), pahs-KAHL (Dutch)  ,

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Pascal Expression, Pascal Soul Urge, Pascal Inner Dream


Numerology information Pascal:

numerologyName Number: 7 Meaning: Inner, Thought, Mind, Psychology, Secret, Mystic, Strange, Study, Knowledge, Loneliness, Rest


Additional information Pascal:

additionalFrench Meaning: The name Pascal is a French baby name. In French the meaning of the name Pascal is: Born on Easter.

additionalHebrew Meaning: The name Pascal is a Hebrew baby name. In Hebrew the meaning of the name Pascal is: Born on Passover.

additionalItalian Meaning: The name Pascal is an Italian baby name. In Italian the meaning of the name Pascal is: Born on Passover.

additionalFrom the Late Latin name Paschalis, which meant "relating to Easter" from Latin Pascha "Easter", which was in turn from Hebrew פֶּסַח (pesach) "Passover". Passover is the ancient Hebrew holiday celebrating the liberation from Egypt. Because it coincided closely with the later Christian holiday of Easter, the same Latin word was used for both. The name Pascal can also function as a surname, as in the case of Blaise Pascal, the French philosopher, mathematician and inventor.


Definition funny of Pascal:

urbanA good looking, tall and intelligent guy who may seem like a douche at first but will prove to be an excellent friend with a great taste in music. Has an undeniably sweet side, tendency to give nicknames.

urbanperson 1:"got to know Pascal and he's a great guy really" person 2:"I knew he had a nice side to him"

urbanWeapon used to piss on hobos verb- To Pascal someone

urban"Dude, I saw a homeless guy asking me money today, I Pascaled him"

urbanAn underrated high-level programming language developed in the 1970s by Niklaus Wirth. Pascal was originally intended to teach good programming practices, but in the early 1980s, Borland took the language and made it more powerful and widespread by introducing Turbo Pascal. Today, Pascal is still used in the form of Delphi, a Windows RAD development tool similar to Visual Basic, but much more powerful. Applications developed using Pascal usually contain far fewer bugs than other high-level programming languages.

urbanContrary to popular belief, Pascal, today, is just as powerful as C, C++, or Java.

urbanA display of the skin on a man's chest through a revealing piece of clothing (i.e., a deep V-neck, a dress shirt with only the lower-half of the buttons done, a stretched out collar).


Expression information Pascal:

expressionPeople with this name are excellent at analyzing, understanding, and learning. They tend to be mystics, philosophers, scholars, and teachers. Because they live so much in the mind, they tend to be quiet and introspective, and are usually introverts. When presented with issues, they will see the larger picture. Their solitary thoughtfulness and analysis of people and world events may make them seem aloof, and sometimes even melancholy.


Soul information Pascal:

soulPeople with this name have a deep inner desire for love and companionship, and want to work with others to achieve peace and harmony.


Songs about Pascal:

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Books about Pascal:

booksPascal by John Tulloch and Mrs. (Margaret) Oliphant (Mar 23, 2011)

booksThe Pascal Wager: A thinking thriller of the unexplained, the deceit that followed, and the hope that ultimately... by Avam Hale (Sep 25, 2014)

booksUntrumpable: How Betting Against God Is A Fool's Bet Or What Pascal Should Have Said by Kevin Moore (Sep 25, 2014)

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booksPascal by Jean Steinmann and Martin Turnell (1966)

booksPascal Passion: The Falconer Files- File 4 (Volume 4) by Andrea Frazer (Nov 1, 2013)


Movies about Pascal:

moviesEclipse Series 14: Rossellini's History Films - Renaissance and Enlightenment 1974 Unrated - Runtime: 9 hrs 6 mins Starring: Eclipse Series 14 Directed by: Roberto Rossellini

moviesCuisine Culture Pascal Aussignoc London England 2013 NR - Runtime: 27 mins Directed by: Henri Sera

moviesInventing Cuisine: Pascal Barbot 2010 NR - Runtime: 1 hr 2 mins Starring: Pascal Barbot and Christophe Rohat Directed by: Various

moviesThe Late Mathias Pascal 2012 PG - Runtime: 2 hrs 50 mins Starring: Ivan Mosjoukine, Michel Simon, et al. Directed by: Marcel l'Herbier

moviesHecto Pascal: Sensual Callgirl 2012 Unrated - Runtime: 1 hr 21 mins

moviesFaustus, The Last Night 2007 NR - Runtime: 1 hr 31 mins Starring: Georg Nigl, Urban Malmberg, et al. Directed by: Pascal Dusapin and Peter Mussbach

moviesCharlie Rose with Savion Glover & George C. Wolfe; Kevin McCollum, Daphne Rubin-Vega, Anthony Rapp, Michael Greif... 2006 -


Wiki information Pascal:

Award-Winning Work, Namesake, Programming Language

Pascal is an influential imperative and procedural programming language, designed in 1968–1969 and published in 1970 by Niklaus Wirth as a small and efficient language intended to encourage good programming practices using structured programming and...

Unit of Pressure, Unit, Unit Profile, Namesake,

The pascal is the SI derived unit of pressure, internal pressure, stress, Young's modulus and tensile strength, defined as one newton per square metre. Pressure is a measure of force per unit area. It is named after the French mathematician,...