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urbanIn class-based FPS games such as Battlefield 2 or Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, a medick is a player who would rather charge into an enemy squad alone, try to heal himself, and get blown away instead of reviving you so the two of you might actually stand a chance at taking them out. Medicks often exhibit tunnel vision (whut HUD?), selective deafness (lalala i catn hrea u!!), and delusions of grandeur (I R TEH 1337!!!11) which often lead to their timely demise. And if that fails, well, you can always teamkill them. I like to play Medick Baseball by ramming them with a Jeep and seeing how far they fly. Medicks are often confused with Medics, players who actually understand that their primary role should be to support their teammates.

urbanHey guys, I think there's about four of them holed up in front of the flag. One of them's a Spec Ops - CRAP, where'd that nade come from? Oh, good, here comes a medic. Hey, get me up, buddy, and we'll hit them round the back. Where are you going? I just told you they're watching the front! That Spec Ops probably laid out C4! Do you think dropping a med pack is going to- *BOOM* ...I hate medicks.


Books about Medick:

booksReligion und Gewalt: Konflikte, Rituale, Deutungen (1500-1800). In Verbindung mit Christophe Duhamelle, Hans Medick... by Kaspar von Greyerz and Kim Siebenhuner (Dec 31, 2006)

booksBy Hans Medick Experiencing the Thirty Years War: A Brief History with Documents (Bedford Cultural Editions Series... by Hans Medick (Mar 16, 2013)

booksCultural Turns: Neuorientierungen in den Kulturwissenschaften von Bachmann-Medick. Doris (2010) Taschenbuch by Bachmann-Medick. Doris (1000)


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Black Medic
Biological Species, Organism Classification, Food

Medicago lupulina, commonly known as black medick or nonesuch, is a familiar lawn plant belonging to the legume or clover family. Like members of the trifolium genus, black medick has three leaflets and a small, yellow flower closely resembling those...

Fictional Character, TV Character

Medick is a fictional character from the 1982 tv series Combat Mecha Xabungle.