Definition funny of Marshy:

urbanGo out to a bar load up on as much drinking and smoking as you can while you're sick. Arrive at your friend's/cousin's/ sister's house after partying and have them pick you up some fast food. Fall asleep on the living room floor while your friend and his girlfriend sleep on the couch next to you. After a few hours the mixture of cigarettes, alcohol, fast food and having the flu will be mixed together. Wake up! run to the bathroom with your mouth and asshole ready to fire ! leave the door wide open and start puking into the toilet. After the first five minutes start shitting and blowing ass as well. if you do this right you will wake up everyone in the house with the sounds of pissing out of your asshole and mouth.

urbanMy grandparents let me stay at their house last night do to the fact I was drunk as fuck. When I woke up grandma said I pulled a Marshy last night.

urbanpertaining to homosexuality

urbanyo, that was so marshy

urbanA person who is a loser. Characteristics may include being a tryhard, someone who can't pick up girls, sexually confused, and may hold a heavy reliance on using the internet to make friends.

urbanPerson 1: Man, I havent had sex in 4 years. Person 2: LOL Marshy Person 1: Yeah, I must be gay.

urbanA really great person.


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Books about Marshy:

booksMarshy: Webster's Timeline History, 415 BC - 2007 by Icon Group International (Mar 10, 2010)

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booksMarshy Lake-- Wood Ducks /// SIGNED PRINT BY DAVID HAGERBAUMER///; by David Hagerbaumer (1977)

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booksDraft it in Eskimo: A Personal Memoir of the War Cabinet Secretariat, NATO and the 'marshy Common' by John Peek (Apr 28, 2008)

booksThe Devil's left ear and other marshy places by Charles R. Bus Humphreys (1989)


Wiki information Marshy:

Marshy Lake
Lake, Location, Geographical Feature, Body Of Water

Marshy Lake is a lake located on Vancouver Island south of western end of Horne Lake.

Statistical region, Location

Marshyntsi is one of the Romanian-speaking villages of the Novoselytskyi Raion of Chernivtsi Oblast in western Ukraine. Sofia Rotaru was born in Marshyntsi in 1947.