Numerology information Malaysia:

numerologyName Number: 9 Meaning: Divine, God, Goodness, Truth, Unconditional love, Gift, Free will, Ideal, Whole, Endless


Definition funny of Malaysia:

urbanThe country where education is very highly politicised.Also a country where Malays are literaly spoonfed from their moment of their birth up to their deaths.Even if you are the no.1 student in Malaysia,you won't get a place in a public university of your choice if you are not a Malay.A Malay can beat you to the seat even if he's a freakin' retard.That is guaranteed. Friendly?Yes.Non-racist?Not always so.

urbanThe universities of Malaysia are foul-ridden with hordes of lazy,incompetitive Malay students.

urbanAmong the few countries in the world that still openly practices racism, only that in Malaysia it is much much more serious. A usual scenario would be Malays enforcing the oppresive bumiputra rights which bans non-Malays from going into universities and applying to some scholarships. The Malays think they are the natives of the land and thus have the right to treat other people as immigrants although historically they themselves are immigrants from Sumatra. Despite what the UMNO politicians claim, the Chinese have been residing in Malaysia for more than 500 years and the Indians much much longer than that they can hardly be referred to as immigrants. The proper natives of Malaysia are the aboriginal tribes/Orang Aslis yet they are NEVER entitled to any bumiputra "privileges". Ironically instead the ingenious natives of Sabah and Sarawak who are themselves South Chinese origin are entitled to it, coincidentally because they are representated by their respective political parties in the BN. Even so, no other bumis have made it into unis sucessfully like the Malays. The other races, even if obtaining the best results in the country have no hope of getting a place of their choice, minimal chance if any. Even so, the unis are super-shitty and spurns out graduates who majority migrate in search of a better income (and away from the racist treatment of Malays), leaving the few "left-overs" which possess a super-retarded level of English fluency to fill in the severe umemployment in the economic sector. As the result the economy is run by super-retarded MALAYS and if not again by the contribution of the hardworking CHINESE and INDIAN as well as the often-loathed American investors Malaysia would implode upon itself by now thanks to Malaysian Brain Drain(tm) policy invented by "Malay genius" Mahathir.

urbanMalays: MALAYSIA!I AM PROUD OF BECOMING YOUR CITIZEN!!MALAYSIAAAAAAAAA!!!!!! Chinese and Indian:Yay........whatever.

urbantwo words, "Constitutional discrimination" ...nuff said'

urbanRacial Discrimination is ac culture in Malaysia

urbanIf you think you blacks have suffered the worst in the US, you have seen nothing yet!


Songs about Malaysia:

songsMalaysia by Global Experience from the Album Opus

songsNee Illaatha Pothu (feat. Malaysia Vasudevan & Sujatha) by Ilaiyaraaja from the Album Malaysia Vasudevan: in Memories

songsVetti Veru Vaasam (feat. Malaysia Vasudevan, S. Janaki) by Ilaiyaraaja from the Album Muthal Mariyaathai (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

songsPoongaatru Thirumbuma (feat. Malaysia Vasudevan, S. Janaki) by Ilaiyaraaja from the Album Muthal Mariyaathai (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

songsParuva Kaalangalin (feat. Malaysia Vasudevan & S Janaki) by Ilaiyaraaja from the Album Malaysia Vasudevan: in Memories

songsMalaysia Melody by Asian Traditional Music from the Album Traditional Asian Music: Chinese, Japanese, Tibetan, Korean, Oriental Shamisen and Shakuhachi

songsKodai Kaala (feat. Malaysia Vasudevan) by Ilaiyaraaja from the Album Black (emptiness)


Books about Malaysia:

booksMalaysia Flight MH370 - Lost in the Dark: In Defense of the Pilots: An Engineer's Perspective by John P. Choisser (Jun 22, 2014)

booksMalaysia: National Geographic: Adventure Map (National Geographic: Adventure Map (3021)) by National Geographic Maps - Adventure (Jan 1, 2012)

booksMalaysia: Background and U.S. Relations by Ian E. Rinehart (Apr 21, 2014)

booksMalaysia and Singapore (EYEWITNESS TRAVEL GUIDE) by Andrew Forbes, Linda Whitwam, Nigel Hicks and Demetrio Carrasco (Nov 15, 2010)

booksMalaysia (Enchantment of the World, Second) by Sylvia McNair (Sep 1, 2002)

booksLonely Planet Malaysia, Singapore & Brunei (Travel Guide) by Lonely Planet, Simon Richmond, Cristian Bonetto and Celeste Brash (May 1, 2013)

booksDK Eyewitness Travel Guide: Malaysia and Singapore by Andrew Forbes, Linda Whitwam, Nigel Hicks and Demetrio Carrasco (Jul 15, 2013)


Movies about Malaysia:

moviesTrekking the World: Malaysia & Bali 2011 NR CC - Runtime: 1 hr 36 mins Starring: Damon Redern Directed by: Re:Source Media

moviesWeekend Explorer Borneo, Malaysia 2009 NR CC - Runtime: 23 mins Directed by:

moviesWeekend Explorer Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 2009 NR CC - Runtime: 23 mins Directed by:

movies7 Days MALAYSIA 2011 NR CC - Runtime: 52 mins Directed by: Arcadia Films

moviesVista Point KUALA LUMPUR Malaysia 2009 NR CC - Runtime: 27 mins Directed by:

moviesTravelview International Malaysia 2009 NR CC - Runtime: 23 mins Directed by: CreateSpace

moviesDiscover the World Malaysia 2012 NR CC - Runtime: 32 mins Directed by: KM Records


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Parliamentary Democracy, Breed origin, Sports Team Location, Governmental Jurisdiction, Statistical region, Travel destination, Country, Employer, Dated location, Filming location

Malaysia is a federal constitutional monarchy located in Southeast Asia. It consists of thirteen states and three federal territories and has a total landmass of 329,847 square kilometres separated by the South China Sea into two similarly sized...

Malaysia national football team
Football team, Organization, Sports Team

The Malaysia national football team is the national team of Malaysia and is controlled by the Football Association of Malaysia. The national team was founded in 1963 Merdeka Tournament one month before the establishment of the Malaysian Federation....