Definition funny of Mainali:

urbana brahmin caste who are famous for having sex

urbanshe is sexy coz she is from mainali race.


Wiki information Mainali:


Mainali is a Nepalese surname predominantly Hindu. Mainali are Brahmins and belong to Upamanyu gotra. All under Upamanyu along with Parāshara, Kundina and Vasishtha belong to Vasishta gana. Mainali are Indo-Iranian branch of the Indo-Europeans. They...

Chandra Prakash Mainali
Politician, Person

Chandra Prakash Mainali is a communist politician in Nepal. He was born to Dhanpati and Chandrakumari Mainali. From 1965 onwards he was involved in the student movement. In 1970, Mainali joined the Communist Party of Nepal. During his years as a...