Songs about Madkhal:

songsMadkhal Gharami (???? ??????) by Rashed Al Majed from the Album Best of Rashed

songsWasla in Dugah: Madkhal in maqam Bayati Taher by Mustafa Said Roubaiyat El Khayam from the Album Rubaiyat El Khayam

songsWaslah in Rahat al Arwah: Madkhal in Maqam Rahat al-Arwah by Mustafa Said Roubaiyat El Khayam from the Album Rubaiyat El Khayam


Books about Madkhal:

booksMadkhal am fi al-anthurubulujya (Arabic Edition) by Mustafà Tilwin (Jan 1, 2011)

booksMadkhal ila Lubnan wa-al-Lubnaniyin: Talihi iqtirahat fi al-islah (Arabic Edition) by Georges Corm (1996)

booksTabit Ibn Qurra`s Arabische √úbersetzung der Arithmetike Eisagoge des Nikomachos von Gerasa zum ersten Mal herausgegeben... by Wilhelm Kutsch (1958)


booksMadkhal al-murfuluji li-dirasat al-mujtama al-rifi (Arabic Edition) by Abd al-Hamid Mahmud Sad

booksMadkhal Ela Al Lisaniat (1/1) (2004)

booksMadkhal ila al-ulum al-qanuniyah : al-wajiz fi nazariyat al-qanun by Muhammad Said ; (Ja`fur, Muhammad Sa`id) Jafur (2006)


Wiki information Madkhal:


Madkhalism is a strain of Islamist thought within the larger Salafist movement based on the writings of Rabee Al-Madkhali. Arab states have generally favored Madkhalism due to its support for secular forms of government, as opposed to other strains...

Rabee Al-Madkhali
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Rabee' Ibn Haadee 'Umayr al-Madkhalee is a former head of the Sunnah Studies Department at Islamic University of Madinah. Madkhali is a well-known Salafist Muslim scholar. He is the founder of the Madkhalism movement and is considered one of...