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urbanA Cloth covering a mans genital region. Usually made of animal skin. Loin Cloths are close to pointless because they are lacking a back.

urban" Woah check out that guys sweet loin cloth" " Gross"

urbanA garment, usually consisting of a single piece of cloth, worn around the hips and covering the groin area. Traditionally worn in regions of the world with a hot climate. Found throughout North and South America, Africa and Asia. Different types of loincloth vary of course; loincloths worn by Indians in North America were often of leather, the Aztecs made theirs from a cotton-like cloth made from cactus fiber. In Japan, all classes once wore loincloths, the farmers wore theirs as outer wear while wading in the rice paddies, and the nobles wore theirs as underwear, under their bakama (loose-fitting trousers) and kimono.

urbanThe loincloth was made from pressed cactus fiber cloth.

urbanWorn by the Yaoi Queen, Lady Boy Valvados, bringer of Yaoi and messiah of mirth. Made of silk that ticlkes the groin and other naughty places. You could be next.

urbanValvados stripped his loincloth of laugther, for all the world to see the little man he be and put on a silken garm to address all of thee. With this new loincloth that tickles the heart, it tickles the soul, not to mention little ye. Book of Yaoist Iori, verse 23 of the Yaoi Bible.

urbanAn expansive massive of pubic hair that opaquely covers the genitals, descending from just under the naval, all the way down, then ascending towards the anus, where it may or may not end. Some loin cloths have been known to continue to just above the sacrum.


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A loincloth is a one-piece garment – sometimes kept in place by a belt – which covers the genitals and, at least partially, the buttocks.

Musical Artist

Loincloth is an American heavy metal band whose members hail from Raleigh, North Carolina and Richmond, Virginia.