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urbanMainly used in the D.C. area it means to go crazy;to spaz out on someone; to over react; to curse someone out

urbanDUde; yo what happened? Girl: that girl tried to swizz me outta ma money Dude:O thats why you was kirking out on her Girl: yea i dont play that

urbanTo have several relationships with hot women in short periods of time with no attatchment whatsoever. Derived from Captain James T. Kirk of Star Trek TOS.

urbanDude, he was so kirking while he was in Austrailia, it was insane.

urbanThe act of shitting your pants while at work or in public.

urbanIf I let this fart go I'm probably going to be kirking myself

urban(verb) A term for all the times in a sci-fi show and/or movie that a character has sex with an alien. A reference to Captian Kirk from Star Trek, often used in a phrase such as "Kirking it up"


Books about Kirking:

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books[ Ripples of Joy: Stories of Hope and Encouragement to Share [ RIPPLES OF JOY: STORIES OF HOPE AND ENCOURAGEMENT... by Cheryl Kirking (Jun 1, 2005)

booksWhat Can I Give Jesus?: A Christmas Message For All Ages [Hardcover] [2007] (Author) Cheryl Kirking, Ann Thomas... (2007)

booksThe rock whence ye are hewn: A sermon preached in King's College Chapel, Aberdeen, at the Kirking of the Students... by Thomas Murray Taylor (1960)


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Kirking of the Parliament

The Kirking of the Parliament is a multi-faith service held to coincide with the opening of the Scottish Parliament. To date, it has been held on four occasions, in 1999, 2003, 2007, and 2011.

Kirking Out
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