Definition funny of Jayvn:

urbanJayvn Brandt- Valiant Archwizard of Elanthia. Faendryl Dark Elf and killer of dirty rabbits. Follows Jastev and may be caught doing random acts of talented art when no one is looking. Loving husband of Iomelindi. He has floor length, silky white hair beaded with faceted onyx at the tips, and wears white feathered angel wings along with a whorled crystal crown. Has been caught giggling in public places and wreaking havoc on OOC with his partner in crime, Glanvis Hezekai. Jayvn has developed a strange affinity towards lockpicking, and has been, on occasion, led to believe that he is a pirate.

urbanYou see Jayvn Brandt- the Archwizard. Iomelindi lessthenthrees Jayvn.