Books about Hunefer:

booksHunefer and His Book of the Dead by Richard Parkinson (Oct 18, 2010)

booksThe Complete Book of the Dead of Hunefer: A Papyrus Pullout by Richard Parkinson (Oct 18, 2010)

booksThe Book of the Dead: Famous Egyptian Papyri (Paypri of Ani, Hunefer, Anhai) by Rh Value Publishing (Dec 12, 1988)

booksThe Book of the Dead: Papyri of Ani, Hunefer, Anhai by Evelyn Rossiter (Jan 1, 1979)

booksLe Livre des morts des anciens Ć©gyptiens : Papyrus d'Ani, Hunefer, Anhai

booksEgyptian Magic: The Ceremony of Opening the Mouth Being Performed on the Mummy of Hunefer, About B.C. 1350 by...

booksLe Livre des Morts: Papyrus d'Ani, de Hunefer, d'Anhai, du British Museum by Albert Champdor (1963)


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Hunefer was a scribe during the 19th Dynasty . He was the owner of the Papyrus of Hunefer, a copy of the funerary Egyptian Book of the Dead, which represents one of the classic examples of these texts, along with others such as the Papyrus of...

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