Definition funny of Herder:

urbanA person who shames people in an attempt to get them to conform to the behavior of a group. Typically used by socialist/collectivists to browbeat others to conform to their group thought.

urbanThat liberal is such a herder. I was at my friend's party and this herder was in my face.

urbanA cop who is totally insane and hell-bent on arresting teens for drinking and breaking up parties, most likely because of a lack of exposure to vagina and real police work. If there was a party nearby, Herder's will often hide in bushes awaiting their prey, then ambush any teen with a backpack or open beer, yelling some nonsense police code or "OH SHIT! ITS THE COPS!".

urbanGuy 1: What happened to you guy's last night? Guy 2: Fuckin cops busted the party so we were gonna take the trail but i guess Herder was campin out waiting for us so we got a fine and Matt got taken to the tank.

urbanA guy who only dates and hooks up with fat and unattractive girls. He heards fat girls like cattle.

urbanDaddy: Aaaaaaaaaaaye Lavonte! You hook up with that one fine bitch last night? Lavonte: Are you kidding?!?! She had bomb tits and ass, her face was nice, and she had a great body. Hell no. I only like fat bitches. If you see a fat cow around let me know. Daddy: Ooo..your a herder? Well i guess fat girls need love too.

urban1) A job that requires one to be experienced in the art of herding 2) A sick complete artist. He draws tight stuff such as comics and some like deep weird paintings that like no one can get cuz hes a genius. He also is a pretty sick guitarist, he jams a lot, often for very long periods of time. A Herder is influenced by all styles of music but most notably jam bands. Naturally a Herder is always looking for a deep personal experience brought on by hallucinogens. Yet a Herder still takes the time to get fucked up. When high or drunk, or crunk, the Herder often philosophizes about foreign policy, war on drugs, and other socio-political stuff. What a Herder has in personality, the Herder lacks in looks. The Herder often has very large hair similar to a white man afro. The Herder is often mistaken for Kenny G or Marge Simpson. Makes frequent trips to Jack in the Box, but is now a vegetarian 3) A tight guy to be around, even though I never get any ladies with him cuz he looks like either kenny g or marge simpson. Somehow, the ladies like that look and they blow him often


Songs about Herder:

songsBuffy The Vampire Slayer - Theme from the TV Series (Nerf Herder) by Brandon K. Verrett from the Album Buffy The Vampire Slayer - Theme from the TV Series (Nerf Herder) - Single

songsBush Birds: Cicadas, Oriole, Bulbul, Robin, Shrike, Cuckoo, Starling (Herder Whistling) by Unspecified from the Album Sounds of a South African Homestead

songsSerpent Herders by Like Moths To Flames from the Album An Eye For An Eye

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songsJezus Is De Goede Herder by Arjan Huizer from the Album Variatie - Bekende Geestelijke Liederen Gespeeld Op Synthesizer


Books about Herder:

booksPoliticizing the Bible: The Roots of Historical Criticism and the Secularization of Scripture 1300-1700 (Herder... by Scott W. Hahn and Benjamin Wiker (Aug 1, 2013)

booksThe Mystical Thought of Meister Eckhart: The Man from Whom God Hid Nothing (A Herder & Herder book) by Bernard McGinn (Mar 1, 2003)

booksHerder Dictionary Symbols (P) by Herder, Chiron and Boris Matthews (May 1, 1993)

booksThe Difference God Makes: A Catholic Vision of Faith, Communion, and Culture (Herder & Herder Books) by Francis Cardinal George OMI (Sep 1, 2011)

booksThe Doctors of the Church: Thirty-Three Men and Women Who Shaped Christianity (Herder & Herder Books) by Bernard McGinn (Sep 1, 2009)

booksThree Critics of the Enlightenment: Vico, Hamann, Herder by Isaiah Berlin, Henry Hardy and Jonathan Israel (Nov 10, 2013)

booksThe Boy Ranchers at Spur Creek or Fighting the Sheep Herders by Willard F. Baker and Howard L. (Howard Livingston) Hastings (Mar 24, 2011)


Movies about Herder:

moviesAsia in a Week - Janri village / Camel herders-Uttwala 2011 NR - Runtime: 49 mins Directed by: IS*Plus

moviesHimalayan Herders 2004 - Runtime: 1 hr 15 mins Starring: Melemchi Village Directed by: John & Naomi Bishop

moviesDisappearing World: Herders of Mongun-Taiga, The Tuvans of Mongolia 1994 NR - Runtime: 1 hr Starring: Herders of Mongun-Taiga Directed by: John Sheppard

moviesHerder's Calling - Academic Version w/ PPR 2004 NR - Runtime: 24 mins Directed by: Najeeb Mirza

moviesHerder's Calling 2004 NR - Runtime: 24 mins Directed by: Najeeb Mirza


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Verlag Herder
Publisher, Employer, Author, Organization, Record label, Business Operation

Verlag Herder is a publishing company started by the Herders, a German family. The company focuses primarily on Catholic topics of ecclesiology, Christian mysticism, women's studies, and the development of younger Catholic theologians.

Johann Gottfried Herder
Philosopher, Person, Lyricist, Author, Influence Node, Deceased Person

Johann Gottfried von Herder was a German philosopher, theologian, poet, and literary critic. He is associated with the periods of Enlightenment, Sturm und Drang, and Weimar Classicism.


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