Definition funny of Harpseal:

urbanA person that when they wear spandex shirts, resembles a seal

urbanRobbie, you look like a harp seal in that UNDER ARMOURĀ® shirt

urbanA very harmless group of marine mammals that live mostly in cold areas of Canada and have been killed for their pelts and fur. Canadian hunters kill over 300,000 of these every year and most of them are only babies that are about a week to a month old. The babies have very nice white fur that sheds as they grow older. Many hunters slaughter these poor harmless animals in cruel ways by bashing them on the head and skinning them even when they are still alive! Canadian hunters also heartlessly skin and cut open pregnant mother seals and skin them and leave the dead babies on the ground. If you ever see an image of these baby and even mother seals, you'll notice how adorable and friendly they look. They do not attack humans nor are they aggressive. People are the ones profiting from these animals' skin just for beauty and leave a whole pool of blood in the artic whereas there is more blood than ice. Baby seals cannot swim therefore they stay on land for a while and they never got to live their lives for more than a month because they were bashed on the head, dragged on hooks, and stabbed brutally by people. The poor seals cannot run away fast therefore they are left with suffering and painful wounds to bleed to death and even die. I've seen videos of these practices of Canadian hunters slaughtering the poor animals. It's very sad and it made me cry to see how cruel people are to animals. Researchers say that if this practice continue for the next 20 years, there's a chance for the harp seals specie go extinct. Please do not make the same mistake as people did in the past and cause extinction to the dodo birds and quaggas! You don't know what's missing until it's gone.. They deserve to live just as much as we do. These animals were hardly ever killed for food and survival. They were killed for greed and profits. It's truly heartbreaking and despicable. Please help save the poor seals and other animals killed for their fur!

urbanPups (baby harp seals) like to roll around and make noises. They are very adorable and love to play and they usually like company.


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songsHarpSeals by Sound Effects from the Album Sound Effects Vol. 2 - Animals 1