Meaning : A popular variation of Hannah, Hanna's language origin is Arabic and means 'congratulations to your health'. In African-Hausa it means 'forbidden'., Blissful, Grace,

Origin : African, Arabic, Hebrew,

Pronunciation : HAH na, (HHAENah),

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Hanna Expression, Hanna Soul Urge, Hanna Inner Dream


Additional information Hanna:

additionalHanna is a feminine name, and can be seen to come from two origins. It could be a variation on Hana, which is an Arabic name and is said to mean ‘Blissful’. However it could also be a modern spelling variation of the name Hannah, a popular name in Britain. Hannah is of Hebrew origin, and is said to mean ‘Gods Favourite’.


Definition funny of Hanna:

urbanA name often synonymous to beautiful. A person with the name Hanna hates it if you put an h at the end of her name, which is part of what makes her so cute. Hanna is a girl who can steal your heart in one day. Hanna is a girl who will laugh at you if you do something stupid. Hanna is a girl who will forgive you for your dumb mistakes. Hanna is a girl who has beautiful brown hair and is great dancer but will never admit it. Hanna is a girl who is fun to be around. Hanna is a girl who will make you smile just by having her name come up on your phone. Hanna is the kind of girl you try to hold on to. Hanna is perfection.

urbandouche: Pshh who needs Hanna? smart person: Wow your a douche. That girl is perfection. Be glad you ever dated a girl like her. Shes way out of anyones league.

urbanHanna is short for: Harry potter And Netherlands Native Adorer

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urbanA) semi decent looking girl, although sllightly out of shape. While giving head likes to lick the ball sacs. B) the act of being thrown in a closet, having your pants pulled down and geting a blow job in a stand up postition. C) Another word for rim job D) The type of girl that wouldn't exactly be classifed as a lesbian but can hook up with girls at camp or on cruislines. Otherwise known as a huge whore F) has a weird attraction to red people. G) enjoys the handicapped bathroom scene because it makes her feel like home. H) deep voice, sometimes mistaken for a man, this is also because of the manly hair doos and way of life.


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Books about Hanna:

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Movies about Hanna:

moviesHanna [HD] 2013 PG-13 CC - Runtime: 1 hr 52 mins Starring: Saoirse Ronan, Eric Bana, et al. Directed by: Joe Wright

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