Books about Gojong:

booksGojong daerye Uigwe (phase) (Korean edition) (2012)

booksGojong daerye to uigwe (Korean edition) by food gangdokhoe Academy of Arts Traditional music (2013)

booksGojong vs. Political Change Research (Korean edition) (2008)

booksGojong era of leadership (Korean edition) (2008)

booksGojong of obedience and Director Photo Gallery (Korean edition) (2008)

booksGojong died, decided to (Korean edition) (2010)

booksGojong (phase) (Korean edition) (2006)


Wiki information Gojong:

Gojong of Korea
Monarch, Family member, Person Or Being In Fiction, Deceased Person, Politician, Chivalric Order Member, Noble person, Person

Gojong, the Emperor Gwangmu was the twenty-sixth king of the Korean Joseon Dynasty and the first emperor of Korea.

Gojong of Goryeo
Deceased Person, Person

Gojong of Goryeo, sometimes spelled Ko-tjong, was the twenty-third ruler of Goryeo in present-day Korea from 1213–1259. Gojong's reign was marked by prolonged conflict with the Mongol Empire, which sought to conquer Goryeo, ending only to settle...