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urbanThe code of honor among the samurai.

urbanBushido was the "way of the warrior," a code of ethics for samurai, a blend of Shinto national pride, Buddhist ideas on self-control, and Confucian moral teaching.

urbana code of conduct followed by Samurais in feudal Japan. Commonly parodied for its humorous sounding name. Often paired with words such as shogun, "Osaka country's kitchen," Meiji, Tokugawa, and daimyo.

urbanWow, in that social studies class, my teacher was all like BUSHIDO and DAIMYO and OSAKA COUNTRY'S KITCHEN!!!

urbanThe traditional code of the Japanese samurai, stressing honor, self-discipline, bravery, and simple living. Jap.,=way of the warrior, code of honor and conduct of the Japanese nobility. Of ancient origin, it grew out of the old feudal bond that required unwavering loyalty on the part of the vassal. It borrowed heavily from Zen Buddhism and Confucianism. In its fullest expression the code emphasized loyalty to one's superior, personal honor, and the virtues of austerity, self-sacrifice, and indifference to pain. For the warrior, commerce and the profit motive were to be scorned. The code was first formulated in the Kamakura period (1185–1333) and put into writing in the 16th cent.; the term itself, however, did not come into use until the 17th cent. It became the standard of conduct for the daimyo and samurai under the Tokugawa shoguns and was taught in state schools as a prerequisite for government service. After the Meiji restoration (1868), it was the basis for the cult of emperor worship taught until 1945.

urbanI am the true samurai. I follow bushido. I would give my life to uphold my honor.

urbanBushido is the code of conduct followed by those of the Samurai caste in Feudal Japan. Bushido has seven main virtues; Honor, Rectitude,Courage, Benevolence, Respect, and Loyalty. Aside from these main points many Samurai clans also added; Wisdom and Filial Piety. Bushido was unwritten and unspoken but none the less transcended through generations of Samurai. The romanticized idea of the Samurai often comes from the Edo era in which Japan was finally unified under the Tokugawa Shogunate. That is not to say Samurai of ages past did not adhere to Bushido but with no war Samurai served no purpose and thus some became poets who embellished the way of the warrior. A Samurai's inability to adhere to Bushido often resulted in his commitment of seppuku.


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Bushidō, literally "samurai way", is a Japanese word for the way of the samurai life, loosely analogous to the concept of chivalry. Bushido, a modern term rather than a historical one, originates from the samurai moral values, most commonly stressing...

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Anis Mohamed Youssef Ferchichi, better known as Bushido, is a German rapper. The word "bushido" is Japanese and means "Way of the Warrior". He also uses the pseudonym Sonny Black, based on Dominic Napolitano. As of 2009, he sold more than 1.5 million...