Definition funny of Broin:

urbanThe act of chillin with your bros.

urbanJoe: What you doin tonight? Ashley: Just broin at the crib.

urbanJust hangin out not working on the international performance measurement and verification protocol plan.

urbanQuit broin and get to work.

urbanWhen one shows characteristics of a bro. For example, backwards visor, polo shirt, plaid shorts and flip flops. Bros have been known to drink Natty Ice and play frisbee golf as well.

urban"Dude I was sippin' Natty ICe the other day and dam was it broin'"

urbanThis AIM conversation probably sums it up better than anything else: my friend: i was talking with this Frat Star named phil who explained a concept that i've unknowingly lived by for a while subconciously my friend: called Bro'in my friend: which is dumb as shit my friend: basically just mack on all the girls around you becuase they exist and it doesn't matter if you're truly interested or not my friend: you did it because eventually as you're pusssampling, you find the right one me: pussssampling? my friend: my word not his my friend: you just try to get the girl and when she signals that she's yours, you find another girl and ruin her happiness. it works like this: :-) (you like a girl) :-D(you get a girl) :-*(you kiss the girl) :-! (you do nasty with the girl) =-O(you show the girl your "OFace"):-X(you drop seed in the girl's mouth sealing it shut) :-\(you tell the girl it's over, there's someone else) :'((the girl cries)O:-)(you shoot her with a cross bow and she goes to heaven) 8-)(you've successfully accomplished Bro'n)


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Broin is a commune in the Côte-d'Or department in eastern France.

Eoin Ó Broin
Politician, Influence Node, Person

Eoin Ó Broin is a political theorist, writer and Sinn Féin councillor. Ó Broin is from Cabinteely in Dún Laoghaire, and was educated in Blackrock College in Dublin. He holds a degree in Cultural Studies from the University of East London and an MA in...