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booksAlceta. Frammenti di G. Leopardi. (Romanza [begins: " Io qui vagando al limitare intorno " ].) by Vittorio Maria Vanzo (1882)


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Military Person, Person, Deceased Person

Alcetas, the brother of Perdiccas and son of Orontes from Orestis, is first mentioned as one of Alexander the Great's generals in his Indian expedition. On the death of Alexander, he espoused his brother's party, and, at his orders, murdered in 322...

Cupido alcetas
Organism Classification

The Provençal Short-tailed Blue is a small butterfly that belongs to the family Lycaenidae. First described from Austria by Johann Centurius Hoffmannsegg in 1804, it occurs locally in Southern and Central Europe, Turkey, the Urals, Southern Siberia...