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urbanTerms Of Use Enforcement Response Squad The Term of Use Enforcement Response Squad consist of kind carefully chosen and professional players control moderator with only one objective, to make your online experience a smooth and enjoyable one. Next time you are a victim of, or witness to, any kind of violation online term of use you can count on this squad resolve the issue.

urbanI'm a Tosers and i work for you. -Tosers Moderator, Basic Division Lv.0

urbanNoun. Portmanteau of 'loser' and 'tosser,' pron. "tooser."

urbanHave you seen his web page? What a toser!

urbanTOSERS is an acronym for the Terms Of use Enorcement Response Squad, a fictional faction from the gaming machinima series, Arby n the Chief , this faction is designed to uphold the Microsoft terms of usage policy by dealing out a different degree of punishment in accordance to the severity of the breach of the terms of use. The TOSERS have their own ranking system, with greater equipment and priveliges being granted as one increases in rank, this system is as follows: Level -1 (limited weapons and equipnent, and no authority, in addition, they must be accompanied by a lv 0 or above supervisor) Level 0 (access to basic weapons and can ban temporarily to a maximum of three days) Level 1 (access to most weapons, power to ban permanently) Level 2 (access to all weapons, assigned to hacking division, full priveliges) Level 3 (command structure, full control of TOSERS organisation) (All TOSERS below lv2 are assigned to moderation duties in matchmade games) The idea of a moderator occupying every game in progress disgusts some, who see it as an infringement on their gaming freedom, which has, in some cases, provoked action against the gaming community, one such group is the hackers , Chaos Theosis

urban"freeze, TOSERS get down on the f*cking ground"- Master chief "look at those TOSERS, they think that they are gods"-anonnymous "The TOSERS are here to serve"- anonnymous "the TOSERS have far too much power"- anonnymous "we are the TOSERS, and we are here for you"- LV 0 TOSER

urbanA complete loser, a term for one of poor intellect or social awareness who often does stupid shit.


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David Toser
Costume Designer, Theater Designer, Person

Barry S Toser
Man, Person