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booksSwyer-James syndrome or destroyed lung?/Coronary artery bypass in a patient with Swyer-James syndrome due to pulmonary... by Ersin Gunay, Sibel Gunay, Gurhan Oz and Abdulkadir Kucukbayrak (Oct 31, 2012)

booksSwyer & Gruenwald`s College Algebra 2nd EDITION (2000)

books[ { DYLAN'S CAUSE } ] by Swyers, Pamela (AUTHOR) Jun-01-2010 [ Hardcover ] by Pamela Swyers (Jun 1, 2010)

books[ { DYLAN'S CHOICE } ] by Swyers, Pamela (AUTHOR) Jan-20-2013 [ Hardcover ] by Pamela Swyers (Jan 20, 2013)

booksDylan's Muse by Swyers, Pamela published by Swyers Publishing (2011) [Hardcover] (Feb 11, 2011)

books[ { DYLAN'S MUSE } ] by Swyers, Pamela (AUTHOR) Feb-11-2011 [ Hardcover ] by Pamela Swyers (Feb 11, 2011)


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Swyer–James syndrome
Disease or medical condition

Swyer–James syndrome is a rare lung disorder found by English chest physician William Mathiseon Macleod, and by physician Paul Robert Swyer and radiologist George James in the 1950s in Canada. At the same time J. Bret was exploring this illness in...

XY gonadal dysgenesis
Disease or medical condition

Swyer syndrome, or XY gonadal dysgenesis, is a type of hypogonadism in a person whose karyotype is 46,XY. The person is externally female with streak gonads, and left untreated, will not experience puberty. Such gonads are typically surgically...