Definition funny of Strag:

urbanA girl who gets around.

urbanJenny, quit being a strag.

urbana hoe, a runner, a bustdown, a rat, a skeezer, a slut, a blockhead, someone that gets around, someone that will let you hit without a blink of the eye, someone thats gets it in al the time with no shame. premiscuious. term originated in chicago.

urban"She been with every dude in the hood, she a PROfessional Strag."

urbanA girl that gets around....like a slut or a ho.

urbanSHiME- yo, how is amber gonna have sex with matt and his friends?? EBONY- because, that bitch is a STRAG!

urbana meaning for a girl thats a hoe


Books about Strag:

booksThe White Strag by Kate Seredy (1965)


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City/Town/Village, Statistical region, Location, Dated location

Stragari is a village and municipality situated in the central part of Ĺ umadija District in Serbia. The municipality of Stragari is one of the five municipalities of Kragujevac city.

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