Definition funny of Stoner:

urbanSlang for somebody who smokes cannabis, often. Most people would talk them down as if they are better, though they often consume poisons such as alcohol and caffeine. Stoners are generally a friendly minority, peaceful, and harmless. The arrogant people bitching about them smoking marijuana, they are usually bigger problems then the people they denounce.

urbanDarn, those stoners are lucky they got high before seeing Lord Of The Rings.

urbanSomeone who smokes a lot of weed. You can't really classify a stoner by how much weed they smoke, but rather their mindset about smoking. A stoner would much rather spend a Friday night getting high rather than goin out. They also smoke weed every availible opportunity.

urbanI am a stoner.

urbanSomeone who enjoys somking ganja on a regular basis. Stoners aren't scummy people. Anyone who looks down on stoner needs to go to hell. They're peaceful and have more of an appreciation for music and relaxing than most of the population. They also tend to be broke...a lot...

urbanHe's a Stona' ked, Yeah Ked...

urbansomeone who smokes marijuana, but doesnt go around and tell everybody and is all like look at me im cool. they dont talk about it, and they dont push it on other people. if you dont want to do it, thats cool. if you do, come over to my place tonite.


Songs about Stoner:

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Books about Stoner:

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Movies about Stoner:

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Stoner rock
Musical genre

Stoner rock or stoner metal is a musical subgenre which combines elements of traditional heavy metal, psychedelic rock, blues rock, acid rock, and doom metal. Stoner rock is typically slow-to-mid tempo and features a heavily distorted, groove laden...

Stoner film
Film genre, Media genre

Stoner film or Stonersploitation is a subgenre of comedy films that revolve around the use of cannabis. Typically, such movies show cannabis use in a comic and positive fashion. Generally, cannabis use is one of the main themes, and inspires much of...