Definition funny of Stoma:

urbananother word for "pussy"...used because some niggas saw a picture of a stoma in their school biology book and thought that it oddly resembled a vagina

urbanDamn my nigga, i wanna get a piece of her stoma!

urbanThe surgically-fashioned orifice in the trachea that is commonly a result of heavy smoking. It is also another fuckhole for freaky sluts.

urban"Hey I brought this nasty bitch back from the bar who wants us to tag team her... shotgun stoma!"

urban(n.) the coma you go into when you have smoked far too much weed for your own good in one sitting.

urbanKim and I smoked so much bud we couldn't even move; the stoma had taken over.

urbanthe feeling you get after smoking large amounts of cannabis on the weekend, and you're finally sober on monday.


Songs about Stoma:

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Books about Stoma:

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Wiki information Stoma:


In botany, a stoma is a pore, found in the epidermis of leaves, stems and other organs that is used to control gas exchange. The pore is bordered by a pair of specialized parenchyma cells known as guard cells that are responsible for regulating the...


A stoma is an opening, either natural or surgically created, which connects a portion of the body cavity to the outside environment. Surgical procedures in which stomata are created are ended in the suffix -ostomy and begin with a prefix denoting the...