Songs about Shabda:

songsShabda by Mind Necrosis Factor from the Album Morphogenesis

songsAum [The Primal Shabda] by Russill Paul from the Album Shabda: Mantra Mysticism

songsShabda by Mike Oldfield from the Album Music Of The Spheres (US Version)

songsShabda Maala Pureshi Na Hoti by Arun Date from the Album Shabda Maala (Marathi Bhavgeete)

songsAum [The Primal Shabda] by Russill Paul from the Album Shabda Yoga

songsDer Shabda-Code by Tarak Shankar & Paul Dargitz from the Album Der Shabda-Code (Edition hörbuchFM)

songsKarma Shabda by No Noise from the Album Chakra Lounge


Books about Shabda:

booksSpiritual Freedom: An Introduction to Surat Shabda Meditation by Michael Turner (Dec 20, 2011)

booksShabda cayanika by Anandamurti (1996)

booksShabda Spardha (Gujarati): Spell Bee in Gujarati (Gujarati Edition) by Vijay Shah, kantilala karsala and jina Parekh (Oct 13, 2013)

booksThe Path of the Masters: The Science of Surat Shabda Yoga by Julian Johnson (1972)

booksShabda Cayanika, Part 3 by Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar (Oct 10, 1999)

books: Shabda Vimarsha by . : (Prof. Sharda Chaturvedi) (2006)

books: Shabda Kaustubha by (Acharya Harekrishna Satpathy) (2011)


Wiki information Shabda:


Śábda is the Sanskrit word for "speech sound". In Sanskrit grammar, the term refers to an utterance in the sense of linguistic performance.

Shabda Brahman

Shabda Brahman or Sabda-brahman means transcendental sound or sound vibration or the transcendental sound of the Vedas or of Vedic scriptures. Shabda or sabda stands for word manifested by sound and such a word has innate power to convey a particular...