Definition funny of Sa'Rya:

urbanSarya is the name of an unique girl, a girl that is warm-hearted, that is a wonderful, emotionally supportive friend and an amazing, beautiful person. Whenever you're stuck in life, she'll always be there for you, helping and supporting you until you are out of the mess. She will make sure everything's okay and will get you back on your feet in no time. She really is an amazing and adorable friend and whoever has someone called Sarya is truly lucky.

urbanwow omg she just helped me with my homework, she's such a Sarya! You have a sarya?? woow lucky cunt :P


Books about Sa'Rya:

booksThe Kusumánjali; or, Hindu proof of the existence of a supreme being, with the commentary of Hari Dása BhattÃ... (1864)