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urbanA Dutch term for anyone who is a classic closet homosexual, with an obvious love for anything woth either a beard or a berret. Rijpma's are also known to be slightly whiter than normal humans, but not fully albino. This comes in handy when convincing someone of your Russian background. several synonyms for rijpma are: Tap, Tappernade, Sietske, Buwalda, Tienhoven, Russian Half-Albino etc. etc. Calling someone a Rijpma in Holland will result in mean looks and possibly a fight, if you bring it in an agressive manner. same for any of the synonyms. After swearing with all thinkable diseases, Rijpma is the worst curse word in the entire dutch language

urbanThomas: 'Wow! look at that pirate! His beard is sooo horny!' Kofi: 'Dude...' Thomas: 'WHAT! I'm not gay or anything!' Kofi: 'Dude! You have just proven that you're such a rijpma!' Thomas: 'No, dude! You don't understand! I'm not gay!' Kofi: 'Aaargh, go fuck yourself.'


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Pop Artist, Award Winner, Musician, Musical Artist, TV Actor, TV Personality, Person, Award Nominee

Dominique Rijpma van Hulst is a Dutch singer known by her stage name Do. She is best known for singing the vocals of DJ Sammy's worldwide top 10 hit in 2002-2003, "Heaven", a cover of the 1980s hit by Bryan Adams. She has released two albums, Do and...

Johan Rijpma
Production Designer, Film editor, Film producer, Film crewmember, Film writer, Film music contributor, Film cinematographer, Film director, Film production designer, Person

Johan Rijpma is a film director, screenwriter, film editor, cinematographer, production designer, and film score composer.