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urbanOften times a person who rather than being crazy, is merely beyond tired of and fed up with the blatant narcissism, rudeness, ignorance, stupidity, cruelty, fakeness, hatred, etc. of the human race and chooses to detoxify themselves from the vices societies are swimming in to a greater extent than most. Often times recluses have been known to possess extraordinary genius, talent, and/or vision often mistaken as abnormality and eccentricity by the adherents of a culture's status quo.

urbanStandard Sheeple #1: "My brother's wanting social life is an embarrassment to our entire family when we all get together for Super Bowl Sunday and he never shows up. An antisocial recluse the man is." Standard Sheeple #2: "Dude, what's his problem? If our brainwashed, plastic, shallow, unhealthy, overly-indulgent, mindless, vacuous, and materialistic culture isn't good enough for him then maybe he should go see a shrink and get on some pills to set him back in line with the rest of us normal and adjusted people."

urbanA person who prefers to hide theirself from society.

urbanSyd Barrett (of Pink Floyd) is a recluse.

urban1. Someone who hide away from society. 2. A type of spider which jumpes out from a hiding place and kills its prey. 3. Lord Recluse-Super Villian in the game City of Villains.

urban1. Damn Jim your such a recluse. 2. I saw a recluse kill a mouse yesterday, it was awesome. 3. Lord Recluse is so evil, I want to be like him when i grow up.

urbanAn individual that excludes and keeps to himself during the Winter season, much like a bear hibernates throughout the cold weather. In order to have a better understanding behind the concept and social issues behind this type of person, attempt to analyze: Plan B-The Recluse, Nero Remix Accept this person as they are, they will come back when they are done reclusing.


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A recluse is a person who lives in voluntary seclusion from the public and society. The word is from the Latin recludere, which means "shut up" or "sequester." Historically, the word referred to a hermit's total isolation from the world. Examples are...

Brown recluse spider
Organism Classification, Drug ingredient

The brown recluse spider or fiddleback spider, Loxosceles reclusa, Sicariidae is a spider with a venomous bite. Brown recluse spiders are usually between 6–20 mm, but may grow larger. While typically light to medium brown, they range in color from...