Definition funny of Purkin:

urbanA way of exclaiming how fake and lame something is, someone being fake and trying really hard to be cool, someone who makes things up to sound cool.

urban"man that movie was purkin." "she was totally purkin with me yesterday when she said she smokes" "school is so purkin today" "Please stop purkin, we know you're fake."


Books about Purkin:

booksThe Bridwells of Stafford and Prince William Counties of Virginia, 1620-1998: Allied families, Combs, Herndon,... by Robert G Bridwell (1998)

booksSpeech of George W. Purkins,: Esq. of Halifax, in Committee of the Whole, on the basis question : delivered in... by George W Purkins (1851)


Wiki information Purkin:

Purkinje cell
Anatomical structure, Namesake

Purkinje cells, or Purkinje neurons, are a class of GABAergic neurons located in the cerebellum. They are named after their discoverer, Czech anatomist Jan Evangelista PurkynÄ›.

Purkinje fibers
Anatomical structure

The Purkinje fibers are located in the inner ventricular walls of the heart, just beneath the endocardium in a space called the subendocardium. These fibers consist of specialized cardiomyocytes that are able to conduct cardiac action potentials more...