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urbanContrary to popular belief, used to describe Socialists, as Communism = Red, and Capitalism = White. (See Russian Revolution in your history text book) Red + White = Pink. Therefore, Socialism = Pink.

urbanBoy howdy, I just read The Jungle, and gee whilickers is Upton Sinclair ever a pinko!

urbanLukewarm communist. Half-way communist. Quasi-communist. Socialist. Uber-collectivist. A Leftista who is not a member of an official communist organization or government. "Anarchists" who support Big Government policies (charlatans). One who believes in peace, order, and appeasement. One who believes in majority rule (mobocracy).

urbanA pinko wears sandals even in the winter time because boots are a Right-Wing concept.

urbana term used to describe left-wing political advocates, usually communists, in an insulting manner.

urbanI'll shoot any fucking pinko knocking at my door asking for taxes.

urbanA derogatory term used indicating a person who is sympathetic to Communism Other forms: Pinko (n.), Pinkos (pl.n), Pinkoism, Pinkoisms, Pinkoistic, Pinkoistical, Pinkoisticals...


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