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urbana sexy girl who likes to have fun and will dance until she drops.  extremely lovable, caring, and selfless.  loves her friends and loves being in the spotlight.  listens to all kinds of music and will always speak her mind.  never backs down from a dare and is a very great friend.  super hot and sexy. 

urbanI love Pili. She's the best girlfriend ever.

urbanA pilus (Latin; plural : pili) is a hairlike structure on the surface of a cell, especially Gram-negative bacteria, a protein appendage required for bacterial conjugation. Pili connect the bacterium to another of its species and build a bridge between the cytoplasm of either cell. That enables the transfer of plasmids between the bacteria. An exchanged plasmid can add new functions to a bacterium, e.g., an antibiotic resistance. Sometimes called a sex pilus (plural: sex pili). Up to ten of these structures can exist on the bacteria. Some bacterial viruses or bacteriphages attach to receptors on sex pili at the start of their reproductive cycle. Despite the name "sex pilus", this has nothing to do with sexual reproduction or mating, nor is it the bacterial equivalent of a penis; such misnomers are used quite frequently in describing the process, and while may prove useful in understanding underlying concepts are misleading nonetheless. A pilus is typically 9 to 10 nm in diameter. The sex pilus allows for the transfer of bacterial DNA from the bacteria with the pilus (donor) to the recipient bacteria. Through this mechanism of genetic transformation, advantageous genetic traits can be disseminated amongst a population of bacteria. Not all bacteria have the ability to create sex pili, however sex pili can form between bacteria of different species. It is an extension of the cytoplasm and used for attachment to surfaces (and is then called a fimbrium) and conjugation with another cell of the same species. Basically... a bacteria's dick.

urbanSource: www.Wikipedia.org Your dick is the size of a pili.


Songs about Pilis:

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Books about Pilis:

booksAL-Kashif-Juzuu Ya Pili by Sheikh Muhammad Jawad Mughniyya (Oct 16, 2014)

booksPili Pilipili by Nyambura Mpesha and Worldreader (Jan 10, 2013)

booksPili the Iwa Bird Flies Again by Gail Omoto, Jan Dill, Judy Dill and Garrett Omoto (Oct 2010)

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booksBacterial Pili: Structure, Synthesis and Role in Disease (Advances in Molecular and Cellular Microbiology) by Michele A. Barocchi and John L. Telford (May 2014)

booksTuimarishe Kiswahili Chetu / Building Proficiency in Kiswahili: Kitabu cha Wanafunzi wa Mwaka wa Pili/Tutu / A... by Lioba J. Moshi (Apr 16, 2007)


Movies about Pilis:

moviesQuè t'hi jugues, Mari Pili? - Runtime: 1 hr 26 mins Starring: Núria Hosta, Mercè Lleixà, et al. Directed by: Ventura Pons


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City/Town/Village, Location, Dated location, Statistical region

Pilis is a town in Pest county, Hungary.

Pilis Mountains
Mountain range, Location, Geographical Feature

The Pilis Mountains is a mountainous region in the Transdanubian Mountains with a beautiful landscape. Its highest peak is the Pilis with 756 meters. It is a popular vacation destination in Hungary.