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urbanContrary to some of the vacuous bullshit you'll find on this page, philosophy is a noble, no, possibly THE most noble academic discipline one can study. Sans repeating what our friend correctly said about the five major fields, I will say this: We live and die for philosophy. Even if we don't realize it, nearly everything we believe is predicated on someone's philosophical investigations. To debase the mother of all sciences as a "waste of the taxpayer's money" is to admit barefaced ignorance. Oh yeah, and philosophy majors score higher than any other majors on the graduate exam; mathematics students come in second. Maybe they're doing something right. PS. I'm not a philosophy major.

urbanDo philosophy, dipshit.

urbanThink about it. No,think about -> "IT"

urban"It....think about it...

urban1. The major for people who value education and intelligent thought over silly matters such as getting a job. 2. The reason that one day I will live in a box, unless I buckle down and take those damn LSATs.

urbanHomeless man: Give me money! Pedestrian: Hey, I recognize you! Werent you an honors philosophy student at my college? Homeless man: But what does 'recognition' REALLY mean? *ponders*

urbanThe highest and most noble academic discipline one can study. Philosophy undertakes the task of determining the fundamental nature of human existence with thorough logical analysis. Philosophy can be broken down into four major branches: 1. Metaphysics: the study of ultimate reality 2. Epistemology: the study of knowledge 3. Ethics: the study of human actions and conduct 4. Aesthetics: the study of art and beauty


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Doctor of Philosophy, abbreviated as PhD, Ph.D., D.Phil., or DPhil in English-speaking countries and originally as Dr.Philos., is in many countries a postgraduate academic degree awarded by universities. The academic level known as a doctorate of...

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Philosophy is the study of general and fundamental problems, such as those connected with reality, existence, knowledge, values, reason, mind, and language. Philosophy is distinguished from other ways of addressing such problems by its critical,...


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