Definition funny of Phags:

urbana cool fag (spelled like phat for similar effect)

urbanYo, check out da shoes on dat phag--theys so pimp!

urbanPretty Hot And Gay. PHAG.

urbanjon is a a huge phlaming phag.

urbana gay person who has street credibility; a homosexual who's got street smarts and is one tough gay thug.

urbanthug1: "yo dawg, dont fuck with dat phag, he's packin some mad heat in his steve madden bag." thug2: "fo'real?" thug1: "fo-rizzay!"

urbanFaggots, Queers, Cock Suckers, Pipe Fitters, Pork Smokers, etc.


Songs about Phags:

songsAye Khelan Ko Phag by Ghulam Mustafa Khan, Parween Sultana, Shobha Gurtu & Others Birju Maharaj from the Album Ras Rang (Vol. 1)

songsJab Aave Rangili Phag by Harish Moyal Ashwin Srinivas from the Album Ummang

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songsPhagan No Phag (Album Version) by Purshottam Upadhyay from the Album Sambandh To Akash


Books about Phags:

booksMedieval Rule in Tibet: The Rlangs Clan and the Political and Religious History of the Ruling House of Phag mo... by Olaf Czaja (Feb 10, 2014)

booksA Handbook of 'Phags-pa Chinese (ABC Chinese Dictionary Series) by W. South Coblin (Oct 30, 2006)

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booksArya Dravida Vidyaraja (Phags Pa'Groldin Ba'Irig Snags Kyi Rgyal Pc) by Bhakti De (2009)


Wiki information Phags:

'Phags-pa script
Abugida, Language Writing System

The 'Phags-pa script, was an alphabet designed by the Tibetan monk and vice-king Drogön Chögyal Phagpa for the Mongol Yuan emperor Kublai Khan as a unified script for the literary languages of the Yuan. Widespread use was limited to about a hundred...


Phags-pa is a Unicode block containing characters from the 'Phags-pa script promulgated as a national script by Kublai Khan. It was used primarily in writing Mongolian and Chinese, although it was intended for the use of all languages of the Mongol...