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booksBuddhist Suttas: The Mahâ-parinibbâna Suttanta, The Dhamma-kakka-ppavattana Sutta, The Tevigga Suttanta, The Âkankheyya... by Pâli and T. W. Rhys Davids (Dec 17, 2010)

booksThe Awakening of Faith in the Mahayana Doctrine: The New Buddhism & The Book of the Great Decease: Maha-Parinibbana-Sut... by Friedrich Max Mueller and Ashvagosha (Feb 7, 2012)

booksThe Book of the Great Decease: Maha-Parinibbana-Sutta & Buddhism in Translations by Henry Clarke Warren and Friedrich Max Mueller (Feb 7, 2012)

booksLast Days of the Buddha: Maha Parinibbana Sutta by Vajira and F. Story (Sep 7, 1998)

booksLast Days of the Buddha by Sister Vajira and Francis Story (1998)

booksThe Book of Great Decease: MAHA-PARINIBBANA-SUTTA (With Active Table of Contents) by T. W. Rhys Davids and F. Max Mueller (Jul 20, 2011)

booksThe Book of the Great Decease: Maha-Parinibbana-Sutta & Gleanings in Buddha-Fields: Studies of hand and soul in... by Friedrich Max Mueller (Feb 5, 2012)


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Mahaparinibbana Sutta

The Mahaparinibbana Sutta is Sutta 16 within the Digha Nikaya, a scripture belonging the Sutta Pitaka of Theravada Buddhism. It concerns the end of Gautama Buddha's life and is the longest sutta of the Pāli Canon. Because of its attention to detail,...