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urbanA small inbred town in Pennsylvania where the women have mustaches and allow their foopahs to hang proudly. The men in this town have greasy and/or no hair, crooked teeth, and can be found mostly during the night at their local park using heroin. Every month the inhabitants of this hell hole meet near the middle of town and worship the statue of a donkey while drinking and shouting anti-semitic slurs at each other. Palmerton's most redeeming feature is the abandoned zinc plant that went out of commission in 1980 when it completely annihilated the miles of forests that once surrounded the town.

urbanSteve: You got any heroin? Jim: Yea, as soon as we are done admiring all the dead trees and the moon-like landscape surrounding Palmerton due to their lack of environmental responsibility we can shoot up.

urbanPalmerton is a small useless town in Northeast Pa. Population is right around 7,000 on a good day. In Palmerton all of the sluts that think their cool pee in peoples locker for no reason. These ladies are normally stuiped and fat. This tends to go on daily in the local highschool.

urbanTaylor peed in an iced tea carton and went all Palmerton on tiffanys locker.

urbanA place where insane people live. Insane food. A town with liars and dark people that try to find wierd times to hang out with normal people. Insane things to do. Infested with drugs and losers. Insane talk. Poor tastes. Some kind of wierd compulsiveness and just completely lack self confidense. Kindof like a hobo. They make up places they work or things that they are doing. Are ugly and have deranged looks in their eyes. On top of that they are assholes. The town itself is just sad. They are wierd and scary.

urbanEveryone I have met from Palmerton has lied while they talked to me. The girl from Palmerton walked to my house to bum a cigarette off me and told me she was at a wild party in her town when she was 14 years old. Talked about a boy. "Yeah we did star six nine." The boy from Palmerton lied about his job and asked me on a date, he seemed slow.

urbanA small Pennsylvania town, Populace consisting of Fat, toothless retards. Child molestors,Crack heads,Herion users,and some of the worlds most disqusting hookers. You can find these fine grade "A" palmerton whores on any street corner. and you may wonder where all the men in this town are. Well we found that these fat toothless fagots hide out in a place called the cock haus at the edge of town and suck each others dicks till their throts have formed blisters.And if you graduated from the "300 pound" club of slatington/walnutport.you'll love the "400 club" here.


Books about Palmerton:

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City/Town/Village, Location, Statistical region, Dated location, HUD County Place, HUD Foreclosure Area

Palmerton is a borough in Carbon County, Pennsylvania, United States. It is located in the coal region of the state. It is a part of lower Carbon County, which is considered part of the Lehigh Valley and the greater Allentown Metropolitan Area. The...

Palmerton High School
School, Educational Institution, Employer, Organization

Palmerton High School is a four-year public high school in Palmerton, Carbon County, Pennsylvania, in the United States. It is located at 3525 Fireline Road. The enrollment is approximately 550 students. The school colors are blue and white, and the...