Songs about Norbo:

songsLos Ñorbos by Pepe Vásquez from the Album Ritmo de Negros

songsLos Ñorbos by Abelardo Vásquez from the Album El Señor de la Jarana

songsLos Ñorbos by Pepe Vasquez from the Album Serie Mistura de Ritmos: Mistura Afro-Peruana Vol. 3


Books about Norbo:

booksTempo, Pocket News Weekly, September 18, 1956: Zahra Norbo, What Makes Them Rock 'N Roll by Editors (1956)


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Chemical Compound

Norbornene or norbornylene or norcamphene is a bridged cyclic hydrocarbon. It is a white solid with a pungent sour odor. The molecule consists of a cyclohexene ring with a methylene bridge between C-3 and C-6. The molecule carries a double bond which...

Chemical Compound

Norbornane is an organic compound and a saturated hydrocarbon with chemical formula C₇H₁₂. It is a crystalline compound with melting point 88 °C. The carbon skeleton is derived from cyclohexane ring with a methylene bridge in the 1,4- position, and...