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Cerball mac Muirecáin
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Cerball mac Muirecáin was king of Leinster. He was the son of Muirecán mac Diarmata and a member of the Uí Fáeláin, the descendants of Fáelán mac Murchado, of one of three septs of the Uí Dúnlainge of modern County Kildare in Ireland. Cerball...

Muirecán mac Diarmata
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Muirecán mac Diarmata was a King of Leinster of the Uí Fáeláin sept of the Uí Dúnlainge branch of the Laigin. This sept had their royal seat at Naas in the eastern part of the Liffey plain, Airthir Liphi. He was the son Diarmait mac Ruadrach, King of...