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urbann. 1. A place in south Jersey with lots of stoners. 2. A town lacking Wendy's. 3. A small area with a high concentration of diners. 4. Good people reside here.

urban1. XXXX was so messed up last night, in Marlton. 2. Dammit, we have have to go all the way down 73 for Wendy's, there should be one in Marlton. 3. Should we go to the Marlton Diner, Sage, or Medport, in Marlton (or Medford)? 4. Its good to be home, in Marlton.

urbanA town just east of the nation's crime capitol, camden, NJ, and just west of the pinelands(aka home to hicks and the jersey devil). But here one would never suspect such henious happenings, as long as you overlook the stoner on every other corner. Overpopulated with yuppies and white trash, the area is certainly what one would call diverse. In marlton, the empty shoppingbags blow like tumbleweeds through the abandoned strip malls that cower in the shadows of new strip malls. Marlton is home to Cherokee High School, a curious institution in which can be found a mixture of stoners, jocks, hookers, goths, preppies, skaters, wiggers, freaks, emo's, and dumbasses, all living together. If you ever feel the nerve or need to come here, I strongly suggest that your rabies shots are updated and you get tested for herpes when you leave.

urban-"Does that girl have herpes?" -"Yea." -"She must be from Marlton."

urbana great place to live with decent upper middle class people not talking trash & acting like idots like other local south jersey towns like mt. ephraim. actually, its been nominated as one of the best places to live. its a safe town, the shore is about 1 hour away, Philidelphia is about 20 minutes away, and NYC is about 90 minutes away ! also, it has many malls around to go shopping, some very good resturaunts around, and some good schools like Cherokee High & Marlton Middle. if i were you; i would live in marlton any day.

urbansweeet marlton

urbanA South Jersey town that 40-50 years ago was nothing but Farms and open space and hicks. Today the town is over developed the traffic is a nightmare, there's Wawa's, Bank's, Rite Aid's and small stupid shopping malls on every freaking corner. Most people that live in Marlton are Middle-Upper class, and act like complete snot heads that think they're better then everyone else and like their crap doesn't smell, especially the kids. Most Kids get everything handed to them from Mommy and Daddy, they lack the meaning of work ethic and that money doesn't grow on trees. A Town named after dirt as alluded too in a earlier post. The jock mentality is definally in full effect here in Marlton. The Kids have humongous egos, but yet cannot fight, but just talk big and tough but are small as munchkins that try and act getto but would die in Camden and Philly. Also Heroin high was so 10-15 years ago..


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Statistical region, Organization scope, US Census Designated Place, HUD Foreclosure Area, Location, HUD County Place, Dated location

Marlton is a census-designated place and unincorporated community located within Evesham Township in Burlington County, New Jersey, United States. As of the 2010 United States Census, the CDP's population was 10,133.

US Census Designated Place, Statistical region, Location, Dated location, HUD County Place, HUD Foreclosure Area

Marlton is an unincorporated area and census-designated place in Prince George's County, Maryland, United States. The population was 9,301 at the 2010 census. The Marlton housing development, at first briefly called "Brandywine Country", grew up...