Definition funny of Ma'Riyah:

urbanAn amazing person who you can also trust and rely on. Mariyahs give good advice and are extremely pretty. They often wear glasses so it is important to look beyond that. They have hearts of gold and are very understanding. They go through a lot in life, mostly bad, but they always try to make everyone around them happy instead on themselves.

urbanBoy 1: My girlfriend is perfect Boy 2: She must be a Mariyah

urbanA sweet girl who has the looks, the smarts, & is really fun to be around. Everyone loves her, except people who are jealous of her awesomeness! Her smile will melt your heart, her eyes will hypnotize, and everything else that makes up a Mariyah will leave you breathless. She's to die for!

urbanI never truly smiled, or laughed, or felt butterflies in my tummy, ...until I met her! She was such a Mariyah! <3

urbana stupid backstabbing bitch that steals your boyfriends

urbanJenny:wheres kevin? Roger:probably with sarah. Jenny:wow, shes such a mariyah!