Definition funny of Ma'Ayan:

urbanA common hebrew name drawn from the bible. The word itself means brook, spring or well.

urbanHave you seen Maayan? Yeah...She's hott!

urbanAn Israeli name meaning deep well or spring. It is most commonly used to describe an exceptionally pretty, talented, smart, and unique woman/girl.

urbanGuy 1: Who's that girl over there? Guy 2: Oh, that's Ma'ayan. Last night she had her big stage performance accompanying adele after two hours of swim practice, and still was able to get all of her homework done. Guy 1: wow. Guy2: But that's not all. She also manages to maintain her 4.5 average in school and is a size 00. Guy 1: WOW. Is she available? Guy 2: -_-

urbanA common hebrew name used to describe a manly gorilla-like looking woman. Usually infested with bushes of hair and has a scent of B.O and broccoli. Farts in public most of the time but tries to hide it by beating her chest loudly and roaring to the heavens.

urban"hey dude, how was your girl last night?" "holy canollii, she had the biggest bush i have ever seen" "yup that sounds like a Maayan to me."

urbanThe Hebrew word for an old, wrinkly, smelly, and quite rude old man with horrid fashion sense and a large nose. He is usually the leader of Rosh Hashanah services, and frequently farts accidentally into the microphone. Unfortunately, he has horrible hearing and doesn't realize what he's done.


Songs about Ma'Ayan:

songsMa'ayan by Ra'ash from the Album Ani Ze Lo Ata

songsMa'ayan bracha vachesed by Martinriki from the Album Hu Chai

songsMa'ayan Ganim by Danny Saguy from the Album To Israel With Love And Hope

songsOkele W' Ayan Ma by Baron Ya Búk-Lu from the Album The Best Barón Ya Búk-Lu Vol. A

songsShirat Ma'ayan: I. Al naharot bavel by Matthew Kirchner from the Album Silver: Shirat Sara - Berger: 2 Songs from Ecclesiastes - Diamond: Kaddish


Books about Ma'Ayan:

booksMa'ayan Barukh: A lower paleolithic site in Upper Galilee by Moshe Stekelis (1966)

booksPadju Epat: Ma'Ayan of Indonesian Borneo by Alfred B. Hudson (Jun 1982)

booksSefer Ma'ayan ha-Hokhma (Wellspring of Wisdom - HEBREW ONLY) by Asher Zevi Ostraha of Koretz (Jan 1, 1971)

booksAmrika tahriqu nafsaha-- wa-al-Islam huwa al-munqidh : ma'a dirasah tahliliyah li-hariq Lus Anjilus al-kabir wa-ahdath... by Mukhtar Khalil Misallati (2006)