Definition funny of Leatherlips:

urbanBig black lips. often darkened from excessive smoking.

urbanThat bitch Whoopi Goldberg has some huge ass leather lips. Perfect example Gucci Mane.

urbanchewing tobacco or dipping for days upon days until your mouth feels like a piece of leather that has been sitting in the sun Ariozna sun for two weeks in the dead of summer

urban"Fego has been dippping for 5 hours straight and he told he has a bad case of leather lip"


Wiki information Leatherlips:

Man, Deceased Person, Person

Leatherlips was a Wyandot American Indian leader of the late 18th and early 19th century. Leatherlips had three Wyandot names. The one most often used was SHA‑TE‑YAH‑RON‑YA but he was sometimes referred to as THA‑TEY‑YAN‑A‑YOH. In later years he was...